Apps We’ve Built

Apply your brand’s purpose to a smartphone format with a winning application that will engage your key audiences and stand out from the rest.

Customisable profiles

Our apps contain a variety of ways to customise your profile, so you can truly tailor the app to fit your ideal experience and make it yours.

  • Facebook Log-in
  • Dashboard
  • Customise user profiles

Community and Project management

If your brand or service involves a huge or growing community, you can utilise the app as a platform to bring community members closer together.

  • Location search volunteer
  • Chat Function
  • Create Project
  • Manage Project

QR Code Scanner

Let your users interact with your app more closely and creatively than ever with this handy feature, which bridges the digital and physical.

  • QR Code Scanner for users to collect points after answering a quiz correctly.

Point Collection System for Gift Redemption

To promote more of your services and/or products, you can integrate this feature which allows users to collect points, which can then be redeemed for something rewarding.

  • Answer quizzes correctly and gain points to redeem goods at the Petrosains’ merchandise shop.


Craft an app that will anticipate your users' needs and help them achieve their purpose in just a few easy steps.

Highly Customised User Interface (UI)

Your brand is unlike anything else, and the same should be said for your app's aesthetic.

Enhanced User Experience (UX)

The beauty of your app should go more than skin-deep - it should also be a pleasure to use.

Multi-Platform (iOS, Android, Windows)

Make your app available across multiple top operating systems so that smartphone users of all legions can experience it.

Responsive and Fluid Navigation

Build your app in a way that lets your users understand most, if not all of your app's functions in one glance.

Built by smartphone app users, for your smartphone app users.

It takes one to know one.

Reach out to us andĀ find out more.